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About ORI Global
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Challenging traditional industry practices, ORI Global was built from the outset with a consultative approach to recruiting. Employers choose us because we take time to understand their organizational staffing needs and, subsequently, identify screen and present only matched candidates.

ORI has over 15 years of recruiting, staffing and executive search experience and is the successor to Marclin Group. ORI leadership has previous roots within a large national staffing firm and the Big 4. ORI has developed a business model that leverages our expertise and expands our capabilities by utilizing highly skilled near shore resources. By combining these elements we can deliver high quality recruiting services at more reasonable costs.

Much like consulting and software companies which leverage off/near shore resources, we are able to break down our recruiting process and let our near shore team handle time consuming and laborious tasks like sourcing, postings, researching and light screening while the heavy lifting is delivered by our highly skilled senior search directors. These duties including headhunting, screening, matching, presenting, delivering, prepping, managing expectations, and closing.

Our staff members are equally experienced in recruiting and in the technology, sales, finance and accounting domains we serve. Our greatest strength is our network of quality connections as well as our ability to continually build this network.

About ORI Global

Our recruitment professionals

About ORI Global
Business Model

Our basic recruiting package includes a team of recruiting professionals consisting of researchers, recruiters and search directors. Our recruiting process is strategically broken down into segments much like an executive search process. Researching, sourcing, posting and lead generation and is performed by our near shore group, while screening, qualifying, headhunting and presenting is handled by our search directors. Our process is completely transparent to the candidate marketplace.

High quality candidate sourcing and initial screening is the most time consuming component of the recruiting process and this is the function that we are able to capitalize on using our transparent near-shore recruiting team. Our recruiting model mirrors a search firm at a fraction of the cost. So for the price you might pay for one 40-hour contract resource, you get a team that is competent, flexible and dedicated to your company. 

We understand the sense of urgency in the hiring process. Typically, candidates are looking at more than one new company prospect. Since we operate a search model, our doors never close. If we need to follow-up with applicants over the weekend or late night, it gets done. We do not punch a time clock at ORI.

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