Advisory Services

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Our Advisory Services

Drawing upon our experience and expertise in recruiting, outsourcing transitions and continuous improvements, we offer a range of advisory services related to the outsourcing and recruiting process. 

Our knowledgeable professionals will partner with you to best determine how you might use outsourcing to improve your recruiting functions. We will work with you closely to understand your business, culture, people, and technology so that the solution supports the long-term vision of the company. Our advisory services include:

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    Which functions to outsource and how to make the transition successful?

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    Remote Strategies

    We have over 10 years of experience working remotely and could add value to your workforce

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    Recruiting process reengineering

    How to improve your internal recruiting functions and increase your time to market

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    How to minimize turnover and increase employee satisfaction

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    Agency approach

    Integrate a headhunting model into your company and hiring top recruiters

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    Behavioral interview

    How to deploy behavioral interview strategies

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    Workflow solutions

    corporating automated rules-based workflow technology into your recruiting process

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