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We help our clients realize their most important goals. With years of experience and unmatched credentials, Marc Francone is uniquely equipped to make a significant and lasting impact on clients’ lives.

We know our clients’ needs are always changing, so continually seek new and improved ways to serve them.

Getting Started
4 Key Attributes

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    Down streaming questions

    Asking simple but sometimes tough questions saves time and minimizes frustration. Does the candidate understand the job and the company? Is the candidate truly ready for a job change or just fishing for more dollars?  Make sure the candidate is interested and, most importantly, make sure the candidate is closed on your compensation number not theirs.

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    Recruiting focused

    This may go without saying, but the firm should be recruiting focused. Process is very important and so is technology as well as the Internet.  You can have the greatest technology and process in the world, but if the recruiters are weak, so will be the applicants.

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    Sense of Urgency

    A true recruiting firm never closes. The lights do not turn off. It is not a 40-hour a week job.  Until a candidate becomes an employee of your company, the recruiting process will stay in motion.

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    If they need to, can your provider pick up the phone and call into your competitor? Some recruiters might not even understand this concept so ask them. 

Getting Started
4 Key Questions

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    Professional Services

    Does the provider have a professional services background and is it a core company value? Customer service and satisfaction comes first.

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    Does the recruiting team truly know how to comprehend a job order? Where does the role fit into the organization and, subsequently, can they actually match skill sets to the job?

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    Does the training of recruiters incorporate all forms of recruiting tactics from aggressive direct headhunting to Internet techniques?

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    Does the leadership of the company have a proven and measurable track record within the contingency or search industry? 

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