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Marc Francone offers recruiting services for all kinds of businesses

Recruiting is an art and we are experts. We are able to break down the process into components that allow us to maximize resources and our outputs and, ultimately, your staffing budget. Outsource Recruiting International’s approach to recruiting is based in the development of a partnership with each one of our clients. Our solutions are designed around each client’s people, process and technology.

High quality candidate sourcing and initial screening is the most time consuming component of the recruiting process and this is the function that we are able to capitalize on using our transparent near shore recruiting team.

ORI’s unique approach is scalable. We integrate into your recruiting program for:

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    Individual search

    Per placement basis

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    Hiring project

    Augment your recruiting function with scalable resources

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    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Complete outsourcing of your recruiting department

Service Steps
Regardless of recruiting program, we take the following approach

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    Engagement planning includes meeting with key players and defining the scope of the recruiting project. This includes clear and agreed upon job descriptions, understanding of organizational structure and compensation ranges and limits. We also take the time to understand company vision, goals and values so we can relate these  attributes to potential applicants.

    A key step to the planning process is to collaborate and develop your company sell. We call this a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). In essence, what makes your company different and why would a person leave their current company to join your organization. This USP needs to be consistent and delivered at each step of the recruiting and hiring process by all individuals that are in contact with applicants. From the initial contact to the final interview, each candidate needs to hear a uniformed message of why the company is an excellent place to work. 

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    Scheduling/Sense of Urgency

    Once a candidate is properly screened, the clock starts ticking. It is important to realize that once a candidate starts job searching, there is a high probability they will consider more than one new opportunity. We do our best to keep the process moving forward as quickly as possible.

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    When presenting candidate resumes, we highlight position matching attributes, pushes and pulls, compensation and reason for change.

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    Parthenon Recruiting

    Traditionally recruiting was performed using one-dimensional approach, the telephone.  With the upgrade in global technology, has come the Internet and with the Internet a number of overwhelming possibilities to contact active and passive potential job seekers. For most recruiting organizations, the limiting factor is man-hours. Because we use an on and near shore sourcing model, we significantly increase the man-hours without significantly increasing the costs.

    The best approach to recruiting is to use simultaneous and sequential processes to attract talent. We call this our Recruiting Parthenon and we attack the marketplace by air, land and sea.  All methods can be deployed using both phone and email tactics. Some common ORI methods are below.

    • Networking though existing relationships contacts and databases
    • Direct headhunting into competitors
    • Direct sourcing using phone lists and pay lists like Jigsaw and Lead411
    • Networking though sites like Linked-in, PSVillage or Plaxo
    • Posting on job boards
    • College alumni and MBA sites
    • User groups
    • Searching job boards and calling and emailing
    • AIRS (Internet data mining)
    • Big 4 alumni sites
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    Screening is broken down into various steps. We match company goals with candidate goals, technical skills, reasons for change and key behavioral attributes. This information is very important as the recruiting process moves forward.

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    We pride ourselves on proper matching principles and techniques. This is a simple concept, yet powerful skill, that separates outstanding from mediocre recruiters.  If you think about it, presenting the wrong candidates creates time loss for everyone in the process. Have you every interviewed a person and thought all along they were interested and were going to take the job and then at the 11th hour, they back out?  We ask the hard questions up front and manage applicant challenges during the process. The number one complaint we hear from our clients is the bombarding of hiring managers with off scope resumes. Because we are business professionals and recruiting experts, we have the skills to ask the right questions about each role and subsequently, ask corresponding questions to the applicants. This assures a correct match. During the process we regularly check in with the hiring managers to make sure we are on scope.

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    Closing on Offers

    During the interview process we develop and maintain a proactive, open and positive relationship with each candidate. What that means to you is, we will be able to make sure all objections are known prior to an offer. We pride ourselves on making sure that if an offer is made, there is a high probability it is accepted.

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    Uncovering Roadblocks

    No job is perfect and applicants always have questions, concerns and doubts during the interview process. We pride ourselves on developing great relationships with all candidates and manage the job change process.  Because we develop long-term relationships with people, we are able to ask the tough questions during the interview process and make sure the candidate is on track and interested in moving forward. Additionally, if a candidate is not interested and the objections cannot be defused, we communicate this information to the hiring manager immediately.  There is no point in making offers that will be turned down. 

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